Strengthening European democracies with digital technologies

Our Mission

europX is an independent civil society initiative of individuals, organizations, institutions, and companies across Europe who understand digital technologies as an essential means to strengthen democratic participation based on common values. This shared understanding of values is expressed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which forms the foundation for a diverse coexistence of democratic societies of various forms in Europe.

europX aims to be an open, Europe-wide platform for all stakeholders who want to learn from each other how democratic participation in its various forms can be strengthened with digital technologies to make European democracy resilient for the 21st century.

europX will connect people all across Europe to strengthen our democracies with digital technologies. Please drop by and join us. If you want to host your europX meetup in your city, please contact us. We are happy to support you.

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Creating Connections - Facilitating Exchange.
Across Europe, countless initiatives and movements are active in many ways along a common understanding of values for humanism and for the strengthening of democratic and civil society processes.
europX is the connecting platform that accelerates the exchange among each other in order to make the most successful ideas and projects across Europe and beyond usable. The aim is to strengthen the common values reflected in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. This bet creates a common awareness of participation in Europe's democratic civil society.


Utilize Technology
The start-up culture in the European Union is characterised by a spirit of innovation and the courage to try out ideas and implement concepts. The europX initiative aims to use the resulting technologies and systems to enable democratic participation at civil society level for everyone living in Europe. This requires linking the various technical and civil society actors at regional and supra-regional level.


Visible Together
The europX initiative gives people who want to learn from each other and make a difference together the opportunity to exchange ideas and pursue their goals and visions for the 21st century together. europX provides the platform and technical infrastructure on which personal encounters are made possible. This is done in accordance with the different democratic models of society and independent of party-political conventions.


Effect for Europe
The aim of europX is to achieve an effective and measurable strengthening of democracy and civil society at European level by the European elections in 2019 by linking technological and civil society actors. A platform will be established that connects people, companies and initiatives at regional and supra-regional level in order to help them to have a lasting language ability and to enable them to participate in decision-making processes.

Past Events

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